Modern Technologies in Golf Sports and How They Have Enhanced the Sport

South Africa is a popular destination for enthusiastic golfers. Nowadays, modern technology has amplified the sport and made it even more augmented. Let us see the different technological equipment and devices used in modern golfing.


GPS is a locating device. Based on the golfer’s location, the GPS can then calculate distances to various points on the course. The various points are the front, center, and back of the green. There are also distances to bunkers, water hazards, and other obstacles for which GPS is required.

GPS devices include VC300 GPS, mini-GPS speaker, voice 2S+ GPS, Garmin G12 GPS, and S12 GPS. Other GPS devices also include golf watches and GPS screens. Each device is made for different distance measurement requirements. For example, the Garmin G12 is made for the middle of green yardage.

Launch Monitors

A launch monitor is an electronic device that tracks and measures golf ball flight characteristics using radar technology. They are capable of measuring and providing distance, location, launch angle, and other flight data. Launch monitors take the data within the first few moments after the ball’s impact. The different types of launch monitors are camera-based and radar-based launch monitors.

Launch monitors come installed in mobiles and golf simulators. Different launch monitors have different ranges of accuracies.

Swing Analysers

A swing analyzer is a device that transmits metrics to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth. The metrics allow players to analyze and improve timing, attack angle, bat speed, and more. It also helps to provide actionable insights to help players improve their swings and technique.

There are two kinds of golf swing analyzers. First is the one which is used on the golf course. And the second is the one used for practice, either at home or on the range. The swing analyzers available in shops are CT10 analyzers and Arccos Caddie analyzers.

There are options available within Arccos Caddie analyzers as well. These analyzers track each shot and provide every piece of data which the player may want.


Rangefinders are used to measure the yardage of a particular shot but also to gauge slope and wind as well. These are used on a grand scale on an amateur level because they are banned on professional levels. The best golf rangefinder is the laser rangefinder because it is the most accurate. It is also the most widely used rangefinder.

Other kinds of rangefinders are GPS rangefinders and optical rangefinders. Optical rangefinders are the least accurate rangefinder. The different range finders that can be found at a golf equipment shop are quad rangefinders and slope rangefinders. There are also V5 and V6 jolt rangefinders and V5 and V6 shift rangefinders available at shops.

Technology Accessories

Electronic accessories are required so that the devices mentioned above work correctly. They are golf balls with radar capture technology, batteries, and USB cables. Additional electronic devices that golfers use are foam earbud tips and tissue massage guns.

Hence, we can see how these electronic devices make golfing convenient and more enjoyable for players.

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